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Sievert Logistik can offer customers so much more than just transporting goods from A to B. You can therefore trust us with your complete warehouse management system: we are comprehensively equipped to deal with your work with state-of-the-art IT systems for warehouse management and transport scheduling and demand-led warehouse capacities. In addition to a total logistics solution, you can also agree individual single services with us: from customer order input to stock requirements planning and accounting. This lets you focus on your core business while we arrange and optimise your logistics processes - as we have already done for many customers.

Sievert Logistik IT and communications solutions



Logistics software:

Sievert Logistik handles around 2000 consignment and transport orders every day. They include storage orders as well as customer-specific special orders. The ultra-modern WinSped and WinLager forwarding software, which interfaces to the customers’ software, supports users from the various departments involved.

Trimble Transport & Logistics is Sievert Logistik’s telematics tool and the company communicates with the majority of its vehicles using the Trimble satellite communication system, which is integrated in the forwarding software. Sievert Logistik uses FleetWorks and RoadWatch to administer salaries and expenses.

This solution offers the following key benefits:

  • Constantly updated and accurate information on vehicles and thus also on transport loads
  • Automation and simplification of routine transport scheduling processes
  • Fewer errors by 1:1 transfer of data
  • Fewer time-consuming phone calls and lower communication costs
  • Improved transparency
  • Control of vehicle driving and rest periods
  • Evaluation of vehicle performance data

Sievert Logistik Wiki

The Sievert Logistik Company Wiki was introduced in 2014 and is used internally as an employee information system. It is used as a tool in the company and is an intranet-based solution which, like its namesake Wikipedia, provides information arranged by topic on pages. The Sievert Logistik Company Wiki is a pragmatic solution for the acquisition and arrangement of company knowledge. It can be used as a reference work to gather information on various topics but can also be used as a platform when working on specific projects. The information is gathered as a result of joint work by all stakeholders and is continuously added to and corrected.

Sievert Logistik shipment tracking

Sievert Logistik offers comprehensive shipment tracking for full and part loads. The project was initiated in 2014 and completed in 2016. A web-based customer portal became operational, which provides relevant information and is being tested in two pilot projects. Up to now, this data was generally reserved for courier and express delivery company customers, as well as Delivery Scheduling employees. Aim of the Sievert solution? Industrial and retail customers should also be able to view the precise time of deliveries of all consignments too. That's why the system includes the company's own fleet of vehicles, as well as our transport partners' vehicles too. Apart from the precise delivery time, customers will also be able to view status information on the consignment, details on the load and individual information. In future customers will also be able to use the system to send their orders to Scheduling themselves. It should also herald in the entirely paper-free handling of all transport services in the next few years.

IT interfaces:

The customer’s data can be automatically transferred into the Sievert Logistik Winsped system to improve cooperation. This requires an interface that can also be individually programmed.

Customers also use the standard LIS (LIS-IN OUT Import Export) interface, for which the BAM database is used for imports. Interfaces with partners could also be provided via the Fortras 100 interface. IT interface solutions are also offered for SAP.

What can we transport for you?

Sievert Logistik services:

  • Analysis, planning and implementation of individual logistics concepts in forwarding, transport and warehouse management
  • A wide range of industry solutions
  • Palletised, silo, skip and intermodal logistics
  • Process optimisation and process outsourcing

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