Sievert Logistik Value-added Services (VAS): From A to Z – not just A to B.

For some time Sievert Logistik has not just limited itself to reliably transporting goods from A to B. We offer many logistics-related solutions that add value to customers’ services and optimise the value creation chain from end to end.

Our services include product-orientated and process-orientated value-added services. As we tailor each solution individually to the customer’s requirements, this range of services is not exclusive: We can provide an extra pair of hands in many different sectors, to let you focus on your core business. Get in touch with us!

Product-orientated value-added services (VAS) include:

  • Quality control
  • Assembly / repackaging
  • Filling (e.g. loose goods in big bags)
  • Product handing/Silo transport
  • From big bags into silo trucks
  • Assembly/dismantling work

Process-orientated value-added services (VAS) include:

  • Order picking
  • Assembly/Display building
  • Labelling
  • Returns and complaints handling
  • Customs clearance
  • IT networking

Industrial Services for Customers

Transfer of diverse products, such as plastics, grain, base and raw materials, from big bags or bagged products into silo trucks. We provide this service using transfer and conveyor systems. Our industrial service is geared to the needs of our customers and ensures a seamless flow of materials.

Sievert Logistik Value-added Services:

Design of individual logistics solutions (Sievert Logistik concept):

  • Integrated concept: Analysis > Redesign > Implementation
  • Control by a joint project team
  • Aim: customer-specific logistics solution to provide optimum value for money

Sievert Logistik IT and communications solutions

  • ATLAS customs clearance “CarCube”
  • Fleet watch
  • Individual interface solutions
  • SAP
  • Trimble transport & logistics
  • WinLager
  • WinSped

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