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Sievert Logistik’s intermodal transport concepts come into their own when road transport alone would be uneconomical or jeopardise the sustainability of logistics projects from an environmental point of view. We develop an individual sophisticated logistics concept with the customer for each project, which perfectly combines container transport by rail and sea. Customers from all sectors can access and develop Europe’s major markets with Sievert Logistik’s intermodal transport expertise.

As a specialist in “door-to-door” solutions, Sievert Logistik plans the entire logistics chain, including all preparatory measures. We rely, if necessary, on the intelligent organisation of short pick-up and drop-off trips if the loading or unloading site is not accessible by rail or ship. Our specialist container transport is carefully planned: from individual containers to entire trains by rail.

Flexibly and Reliably Across All Borders.

Sievert Logistik intermodal logistics is synonymous with project reliability, flexibility and on-time delivery – specifically over long distances and with large projects. We have many years of experience in cross-border transport, are familiar with the requirements and can procure the necessary capacities – whether standard 20” or 40” containers, silo containers, specialist containers for hazardous goods or open-top containers for bulk goods of all kinds. A flexible intermodal customer concept ensures that capacities can be adapted as required when the demand for goods increases or falls. Sievert Logistik can also store your goods for call-off. Sievert Logistik therefore helps customer s react rapidly to market changes and use resources efficiently from an economic and ecological perspective.

Looking After the Environment and Ensuring Sustainability.

Moving goods by rail or sea can often be more economical, as well as being more environmentally friendly. Two immediate reasons why you should contact Sievert Logistik: together we’ll find the best way to your destination!

International Door-to-door Solutions

Sweden - Turkey
Sievert Logistik transports hazardous goods over 5,500 km in an intermodal container through a total of eight countries to the South Turkish region of Mersin.

Bonjour France
Sievert Logistik starts a demand-controlled intermodal train in the region of Lyon.

Czech Republic with 20-foot open-top container
Entire trains with 20-foot open-top containers are delivered by Sievert Logistik from Prachovice in the Czech Republic to Hanover.

Denmark relies on Sievert Logistik logistics

Sievert Logistik always delivered 130,000 tonnes of cement and lime from three different producers on time to the first public-private partnership for the construction of Klipev motorway with daily demand peaks of over 600 tonnes.

Powdered clay for Switzerland

Sievert Logistik meets the Swiss need for powdered clay for a supplier from Andernach by barge along the Rhine.

Sievert Logistik Intermodal Logistics:

Multimodal, multi-link transport chains.

  • Rail
  • Road
  • On water

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