Waste Disposal/Hazardous and Waste Materials

Sievert Logistik is your high-performance partner for disposal and recycling. Sievert Logistik is a certified waste disposal company and has European waste transport permits.

As a certified waste disposal company, it meets all the criteria in accordance with §52 of the Waste Avoidance, Recycling and Disposal Act. The purpose of the act is to promote waste avoidance and recycling to preserve natural resources and ensure the environmentally-friendly disposal of waste.

Prerequisites for obtaining this certification include:

  • Compliance with public legal regulations
  • Evidence of transparent operations
  • Reliability
  • Trained personnel

As part of its waste disposal logistics, Sievert Logistik is integrated in the complete waste and disposal management system for power plants and waste disposal companies. Sievert Logistik develops individual waste disposal concepts to meet its customers’ corresponding requirements. The service consists of the professional organisation and implementation of European transport, naturally also in the hazardous materials/ADR sector.

A selection of products in the silo segment: lignite and bituminous coal dust, ash, slag and other dust

A selection of products in the packaged goods segment: all products covered by the ADR/Hazardous Goods Act on pallets or in big bags and waste materials for recycling in bales: films, paper, cardboard

In doing so, Sievert Logistik meets all the technical and legal conditions. Sievert Logistik provides reliable logistics with its specific knowledge and expertise and appropriate equipment. This fully meets customers’ needs and those of their hazardous goods.