E-commerce / Web shop stock

The trade is no longer without the Internet. The online offer is available around the clock and every day of the year. The customer is only one key click away and uses his flexibility.

The products include an appealing online shop of our customers, but that is not enough. The reliable delivery and the service after the click of the customer is important. Sievert Logistik operates the warehouse for the online shops of its customers and is downstream and logistically active. At Sievert Logistik, the focus is on the logistics and the fulfillment, so that the e-dealer can concentrate on sales.

The Sievert Logistik webshop warehouse acts as your external warehouse and serves you as a dealer as well as the goods recipient / buyer reliably. The cooperation between online retailers and the Sievert Logistik logistics service provider with functioning processes is enormously important. As a top seller you are just as well cared for at Sievert Logistik, as is the start-up-company.

They should be in good hands with us. From small, sensitive products, e.g. creams, flacon with perfume to large articles, e.g. sunbeds. We will treat your product accordingly individually with the necessary care. Each process is coordinated in advance, so that the storage and your dispatch works without problems. Reliability has top priority here. We take care of the storage including batch,  Date of minimum durability and article number management. With Courier Express Partner, the goods leave the house, e.g. as a parcel delivery. Confirmation is carried out with an appropriate shipping ID and tracking number.

Objective: Professional warehousing & order processing

Encouraged by the many-faceted requirements of our customers, we have increased our capacities in recent years. Together with our clients we analyze and optimize the existing processes with a permanent goal with improved supply chain management to optimize the value chain. We take care of your work and facilitate your warehouse logistics as well as your fulfillment processes. You focus on your core business and we meet your logistics needs so you can increase your flexibility and efficiency. With motivated employees, the optimal service is ensured. Our well-developed IT tools add significantly to the efficiency of your processes.