Consumer/Retail Goods

Sievert Logistik makes sure that the loading bays of curtain-sided trucks meet the customers’ requirements when it comes to the transport of consumer goods:

  • dust-free, tidy and swept clean
  • dry
  • odourless

Carrying the DIN EN 12642 (Code XL) loading security certificate, Sievert Logistik’s curtain-sided trucks/semi-trailer curtainsiders can be used equally efficiently for the transport of retail goods and especially for drinks logistics. With the extension of the certificate, they can now also be used for the safe transport of drinks crates as well as casked drinks. The reinforced roof, reinforced middle pillars, four rows of aluminium laths and the ultra-resilient tarpaulin with 24 belt tensioners provide additional security. The vehicles also have a pallet stop bar in the outer frame to provide additional safety and prevent the goods from slipping.

Sievert Logistik works for different customers of consumer goods producers and understands their transport requirements. It primarily transports FMCG products from the hygienic products, food / dry goods and drinks segments.

Sievert Logistik delivers to:

  • Central warehouses and distribution centres belonging to reputable discounters, pharmacies and retail chains.
  • Retail goods merchants
  • Logistics warehouses

The precise delivery is made taking into consideration the customers’ transport requirements:

  • In the agreed time window
  • On the specified fixed date
  • After prior notification by phone or using the recipients’ internet-based time window management system

Sievert Logistik’s clients include producers, retailers and food and discount chains

Warehouse logistics: block and rack storage

Transport logistics: national and European transport with our own equipment and reliable, long-standing partners, contract and procurement logistics