Durability and Dynamism Combined: The History of Sievert Logistik

The establishment of "Handelsgesellschaft für Bau- und  Düngemittel" lays the foundation for the Baustoffgruppe  - thereby marking the start of sht.

A number of silo forwarders, like “Silo Zement” are established and additional companies acquired in subsequent years.

The next step in the company’s expansion follows: the foundation of NSG forwarder scheduling.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the company expands with further branches in the new federal states.

Three years after the reunification, all of sht’s business activities are merged under a single company: Sievert Handel Transporte GmbH is born.

sht develops new sales markets in Eastern Europe – with the establishment of Silo Trans Nowiny in Poland.

sht continues expanding: with the establishment of SBT Sievert Benthack Transporte GmbH in the Schleswig-Holstein town of Kaltenkirchen.

sht continues to grow through the financial crisis and acquires Kircher Logistik GmbH based in Weissenthurm. This creates more capacity for the increasing demand in South-west Germany. The company changes its name to Sievert Logistik SE.

sht acquires i4 Transportation GmbH & Co. KG based in Mannheim and NTM B.V. based in Nieuw Amsterdam. The company can now provide Europe-wide transport in silo containers including door-to-door solutions.

sht acquires the shares in Sievert Benthack Transporte. The former joint venture now continues under sht management.

The operations of Adolf Schuck Transport + Logistik GmbH based in 63811 Stockstadt/Main are continued under the name Sievert Schuck GmbH. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Sievert Handel Transporte GmbH, it operates with curtain-sided trucks and truck-mounted cranes and offers warehouse management and bulk goods logistics.

SHT acquires the business of Gass International Logistics. Operations are managed under the auspices of the newly founded Sievert Gass GmbH. The acquisition reinforces the company’s waste disposal logistics in the silo transport sector as well as the extension of its curtain-sided truck transport sector.

The sht was converted into Sievert Logistik SE. The companies Sievert Logistik SE, Sievert Schuck GmbH and i4T were previously merged into Sievert Handel Transporte GmbH. Subsequently, Sievert Handel Transporte GmbH changed its legal form to Sievert Logistik SE. The path to becoming an international logistics service provider is being further accelerated. With Sievert Logistik SE, the market position and presence are sustainably strengthened. Whether for construction, waste disposal, plastics, e-commerce or merchandise, Sievert Logistik SE implements intelligent and cross-sector logistics solutions.